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Kafka -facilitating the integration of document classification and data extraction into customer environments

At Averbis it’s all about unstructured documents. Since every customer is unique it has always been a challenge to retrieve all documents for analysis purposes from the various systems. With our latest developments we integrated Kafka to enable easy access to data sources and databases within the infrastructures of our clients.

Apache Kafka enables the storage and processing of large amounts of data via a distributed streaming platform. Several interfaces allow for data to be written to Kafka clusters; they allow for data to be read, and data to be imported into, as well as extracted from, third-party systems.

A wide variety of applications can dock via Kafka Connect and feed new data into this open-source software or consume data from it. Users can generate their own connectors, and they can integrate their own data sources.

It also enables the modeling of processes – for example, in the context of processing pipelines, from the generation and enrichment of data to its transfer to other systems.

Averbis customers, many of whom already use Kafka, can now even more easy be connected to Averbis products. Whether it is about the detection of side effects, clinical studies, or electronic health records – connecting via Kafka significantly facilitates the integration of unstructured information into existing processes and IT landscapes.

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