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Text Mining Platform for Life Sciences

One solution for all your Text Mining needs – Benefit from State-of-the-art AI!

Unstructured data represents approximately 80-90% of all data available and most prominently comes in the form of text documents containing important information. This information might be relevant for regulatory purposes, competitive insights, internal R&D or product development. Traditionally, this information is gathered through time and cost intensive manual labor that is either done in-house or outsourced. Additionally, every area of expertise uses their own systems and/or partners with little to no exchange of information, leading to additional costs and lost insights. Therefore, many life sciences companies are not able maximize the utility of their experts or their budgets.

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Information Discovery Features

Using Information Discovery as your text mining platform you can not only save your time and budget, but also benefit from more accessible information throughout your whole organization. Through its open API’s you can easily integrate it into your existing systems and workflows. Furthermore, it supports more than 30 of the most common industry standards (MeDRA, MeSH, LOINC…) as well as any external library or annotator. With its many pre-defined use cases you can easily add new functionalities from competitive insights to automated pharmacovigilance.

This allows you to:

Benefit from a proven and reliable text mining platform, which is ready to use

Save costs and time by reusing components

Run several use cases on the same platform

Stay flexible with an open architecture


To find out more about how you can benefit from Information Discovery as your text mining platform take a look at our whitepaper and contact us to get a demo.

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