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Patent Monitoring Performance Check

Our Patent Monitor enables you to perform better, faster, and easier patent categorizations and classifications through the unique combination of NLP (semantic search) and Machine Learning.

Do you want to keep an efficient eye on the trends in your industry and the developments of your competitors? Do you want to gain new insights quickly so that you can use them to steer your own company safely and directly into the port of destination? Without overloading your experts with work?

Then our Patent Monitor is your reliable, fast and resource-saving solution for patent monitoring and extensive ad-hoc searches. Train our AI to make the same decisions as your experts – only faster and without pauses.

Does this solution sound interesting to you? Then…

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The Averbis Patent Monitor brings you the following benefits …

A time saving of up to 95% in your patent search / monitorings

More efficient use of your resources – relieve your experts from manual routine tasks

Capture the knowledge of all your experts in digital form and make it easily accessible.

Combine your expert knowledge with our semantic search and AI models and accelerate your patent searches and monitoring!

To do so, arrange a free initial consultation HERE, during which we will introduce the Patent Monitor and find possible applications in your company.

Case Study | Merck KGaA

“We realized a time saving of up to 90% with an accuracy of 97% by using the Patent Monitor from Averbis.”

Poster published by Merck KGaA as part of the AI STAR conference in 2021

You too can benefit from Machine Learning in the future and reduce your efforts around your patent categorization, classification and monitoring by up to 98%.

Let us discuss which technical requirements are necessary for the integration of our Patent Monitor in a personal consultation.

You are already a user of PatBase or Pat-KM from Minesoft for your patent monitoring?

Then you have the best prerequisite to make your patent monitorings much more efficient in no time – get better results in less time with less effort …

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A sequential patent search approach combining semantics and artificial intelligence to identify initial State-of-the-Art documents

In this publication, Villa and Wirz write about the benefits of our methodology to significantly improve your automatic identification of relevant patents

The Averbis Patent Monitor can also be optimally integrated into your Rapid solution from our partner Centredoc.

The full benefits of the Patent Monitor can also be used as part of the Rapid 5 solution from our partner Centredoc. Rapid 5 is Centredoc’s innovation management system that allows you to consolidate all your monitoring needs into one customized platform. RAPID5 has the AI classification from Averbis inside.

This is what our customers say about working with us…

Nicolas Lalyre
Head IP Operations

The automatic identification of patent specifications relevant to us has significantly increased productivity in our department. The cooperation with Averbis is extremely pleasant – this is really about solving my problems!

Dr. Harald Jenny

Timewise, we can now turn 3-week processes into 3-hour processes, saving our customers valuable time.

Dr. Harald Jenny

Timewise, we can now turn 3-week processes into 3-hour processes, saving our customers valuable time.

Our Patent Monitor and its benefits are not yet apparent to you in the context of your processes?

No problem, we will be happy to guide you in a personal video call into our patent monitoring tool and answer all your questions about connectivity, interfaces etc.