Averbis is a leading text mining and machine learning company in Healthcare and Life Sciences.
We extract information from texts, automate intellectual processes and make meaningful predictions.


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Webinar Patent Monitoring

5th October, online
live webinar with Tonny Trippe

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AI-SDV 2022

10th-11th Octover, Vienna, Austria
Artifical Intelligence Conference on
Search, Data and Text Mining, Analytics and Visualization

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BioData World

8th – 10th November,  Basel Congress Center
Big Data, and Digital Transformation in Pharma and Healthcare.

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IP Service World 

21st – 23rd November, Munich
Europe’s largest IP Convention and Trade Fair

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Text Mining

Over 80% of business-relevant information is now hidden in unstructured data. And new information is added every day! With the text mining tools from Averbis, you can unearth this treasure trove of data and get comprehensive insights and predictions – quickly and precisely.

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning for the automatic classification of documents. Sentiment analysis, natural language processing, content monitoring, technology categorization, predictive coding, clustering, alerting & document research can be implemented in a few steps.

Semantic Search

Our semantic search allows the targeted finding of facts in large document collections. Semantic filters allow you to quickly drill down from results to a few relevant documents. Synonyms and sub-terms are automatically recognized – for a simultaneous high precision and completeness of the hit list.

Terminology Management

Terminology management enables the maintenance and extension of external and internal terminologies and ontologies. Hierarchies of terms help to organize individual subject areas linguistically and formally and establish rules about the relationships between the respective terms.

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