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Informed Clinical Decision-Making

Support Needed

Medical treatment errors are among the most common causes of death in Western countries. One of the reasons is the lack of relevant information at the right time. Meanwhile, medical knowledge nowadays doubles every 100 days, making it impossible for medical professionals to keep track of all the information about diseases, therapies and their interactions. Complex and rare diseases are difficult to diagnose and medical errors can easily happen. The use of decision-support and quality assurance systems is therefore an absolute necessity in clinics and practices. However, existing information systems are often isolated and health data cannot be systematically evaluated because they are available in unstructured form.

The Benefit of Clinical Decision Support

With Averbis Health Discovery large amounts of health-relevant information from different sources and formats can be linked and analysed. This knowledge can be made available whenever medical decisions need to be made. When Averbis Health Discovery is integrated into decision support systems, large amounts of health-related information from different digital sources and formats, such as doctors’ letters or radiology reports, can be linked and analysed. To make the application more accurate and valuable for clinical staff, Health Discovery combines artificial intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Health Discovery Allows You To:

link and analyze information from different health sources

get support for clinical treatment decisions

avoid medical errors

detect rare diseases easier

In this way, we prepare the ground for more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions, new insights for effective and sustainable disease control, and contribute to making patient care even better.


Diagnosis of rare neurogenetic diseases is often challenging, especially during adult manifestation/onset, with long diagnostic delays and misdiagnosis. As more therapies become available, more patients with rare neurological disorders can be helped – so it is important to identify them.
In order to identify as many affected individuals as possible, Averbis Health Discovery was successfully used in a multicentre research project on rare neurogenetic diseases at various German university hospitals.

Averbis Health Discovery analysed several hundred thousand patient records by searching them for signs and symptoms of certain rare diseases. Patients were then ranked according to their likelihood of developing the disease in question. An experienced team of doctors reviewed the data of the highest ranked patients and performed further diagnostic tests on the most relevant candidates.
At the lead study center, the Friedrich Baur Institute of the LMU Munich, four patients with Pompe Disease and four heterozygous NPC1 mutation carriers were identified.

What our Customers say

Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
The complex process of anonymizing medical documents is significantly shortened by using Health Discovery. This enables large quantities of free medical texts to be made available for medical research.
Johannes Drepper
TMF e.V.

Averbis Health Discovery is a valuable contribution to data protection-compliant, networked medical research.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Marquardt
Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg

Health Discovery is an effective tool to prepare textual information for research quickly and in accordance with data protection regulations.

Dr. Martin Richter
Klinische Landesregisterstelle des Krebsregisters Baden-Württemberg

Averbis Health Discovery helps us to slim down our work processes and reduce the burden on our documentalists. This saves us valuable time we can invest in other activities.

Marc Bliem
Meta IT GmbH
Managing Director

All hospitals should receive appropriate remuneration for their services. In order to adequately take into account coding-relevant information from free-text routine data such as doctors’ letters or laboratory reports, we use the AI software Health Discovery from Averbis. We are pleased that we were able to integrate one of the best text mining solutions in Germany into our MetaKIS product. Our customers are thrilled.

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