Title Publication
Comparative evaluation of automated information extraction from pathology reports in three German cancer registries

Schulz S, Fix S, Klügl P, Bachmayer T, Hartz T, Richter M, Herm-Stapelberg N, Daumke P.
GMS Med Inform Biom Epidemiol 2021;17
Extraction of features from clinical routine data using text mining

B Grundel, MA Bernardeau, H Langner, C Schmidt, D Boehringer, M Ritter, …
Der Ophthalmologe: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft
Validation of Semantic Analyses of Unstructured Medical Data for Research Purposes

RM Pokora, L Le Cornet, P Daumke, P Mildenberger, H Zeeb, M Blettner
Das Gesundheitswesen 82 (S 02), S158-S164
Combining Visual Cleansing and Exploration for Clinical Data

C Schmidt, M Röhlig, B Grundel, P Daumke, M Ritter, A Stahl, …
2019 IEEE Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare (VAHC), 25-32
Clinical Text Mining on FHIR.

P Daumke, KU Heitmann, S Heckmann, C Martínez-Costa, S Schulz
MedInfo, 83-87
Aligning an Administrative Procedure Coding System with SNOMED CT.

S Schulz, J Steffel, P Polster, M Palchuk, P Daumke
Representing oncology in datasets: Standard or custom biomedical terminology?

S Schulz, P Daumke, M Romacker, P López-García
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 15, 100186
Optimizing Neural Networks for Patent Classification

L Abdelgawad, P Kluegl, E Genc, S Falkner, F Hutter
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …
Convolutional Neural Networks for Classification of German Blurbs.

E Genc, L Abdelgawad, V Morari, P Kluegl
Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare (SMITH): Data Integration based on Interoperability Standards

A Winter, S Stäubert, D Ammon, S Aiche, O Beyan, V Bischoff, P Daumke, …
Methods of information in medicine 57 (Suppl 1), e92
MIRACUM: Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine: A large data sharing network to enhance translational research and medical care

HU Prokosch, T Acker, J Bernarding, H Binder, M Boeker, M Boerries, …
Methods of information in medicine 57 (Suppl 1), e82
UIMA Ruta: Rapid development of rule-based information extraction applications

P Kluegl, M Toepfer, PD Beck, G Fette, F Puppe
Natural Language Engineering 22 (1), 1-40
mineRARE: Semantic text-mining of electronic medical records as diagnostic decision support tool to search for rare neurologic diseases such as Pompe disease, Fabry disease and …

C Catarino, A Grandjean, S Doss, M Mücke, S Tunc, K Schmidt, J Schmidt, …
European Journal of Neurology, 75
Questões de qualidade em construção de thesaurus: um estudo de case do domínio médico

N Percy, EJ Pacheco, RL Andrade, JL Bitencourt, K Markó, S Schulz
Research on Biomedical Engineering 28 (1), 11-22
SEMCARE: Multilingual Semantic Search in Semi-Structured Clinical Data.

P López-García, M Kreuzthaler, S Schulz, D Scherr, P Daumke, KG Markó, …
eHealth, 93-99
Assessing SNOMED CT for large scale eHealth deployments in the EU: Use of terminologies for representing structured and unstructured clinical content–interim report …

S Schulz, JA Miñarro-Giménez, D Karlsson, KR Gøeg, K Markó
EuroVoc-Based Summarization of European Case Law

F Schmedding, P Klügl, D Baehrens, C Simon, K Simon, K Tomanek
AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems, 205-219
Linking legal open data: breaking the accessibility and language barrier in european legislation and case law

G Boella, L Di Caro, M Graziadei, L Cupi, CE Salaroglio, L Humphreys, …
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence …
EuroVoc-Based Summarization of European Case Law

K Simon, K Tomanek
AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems: AICOL International …
Fine-grained information extraction from German transthoracic echocardiography reports

M Toepfer, H Corovic, G Fette, P Klügl, S Störk, F Puppe
BMC medical informatics and decision making 15 (1), 91
Context-specific Consistencies in Information Extraction: Rule-based and Probabilistic Approaches

P Klügl
BoD–Books on Demand
UIMA Ruta workbench: rule-based text annotation

P Kluegl, M Toepfer, PD Beck, G Fette, F Puppe
Proceedings of COLING 2014, the 25th International Conference on …
Integrated tools for query-driven development of light-weight ontologies and information extraction components

M Toepfer, G Fette, PD Beck, P Kluegl, F Puppe
Proceedings of the workshop on open infrastructures and analysis frameworks …

P Klügl, M Toepfer
Informatik-Spektrum 37 (2), 132-135
Social Media Analytics: Automatische Analyse von Hotelbewertungen

K Marko, K Tomanek, O Juwig
Kongress für Wissensmanagement und Social Media, 317­ – 323
Quality issues in thesaurus building: a case study from the medical domain

P Nohama, EJ Pacheco, R Andrade, JL Bitencourt, K Markó, S Schulz
BrazJ Biomed Eng 28, 11-22
ZB MED nutzt Suchtechnologie von Averbis

K Markó
BIT Online-Zeitschrift fur Bibliothek Information und Technologie 14 (2), 208
Subword-based semantic retrieval of clinical and bibliographic documents

P Daumke, S Schulz, ML Müller, W Dzeyk, L Prinzen, EJ Pacheco, …
Methods of Information in Medicine 49 (02), 141-147
Semantic Annotation of Clinical Text-the Averbis Annotation Editor

P Daumke, F Enders, K Simon, M Poprat, K Markó
Proceedings of the GMDS

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