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Partnership Announcement vitagroup and Averbis

Partnership vitagroup and Averbis – Improving healthcare together with high-quality data

vitagroup and Averbis have entered into a solid partnership. With their solutions, vitagroup’s HIP CDR and Averbis Health Discovery, the two strong players now enable healthcare providers to use all their data and information for care and research efficiently and with high quality.

Already today, there are thousands of ways in which digitalization can improve healthcare. And every day there are more. But they all depend on the availability of high-quality structured health data. Data is the building block that make clinical decision support, artificial intelligence in diagnostics, data-based clinical research or process automation possible.

Without highly structured health data that can be used as easily as possible by different systems, the number of applications that we already have today will increase and the system landscape within a hospital or a healthcare network will become increasingly inefficient. The problem: Currently, providers can only obtain structured data from their systems to a limited extent.

“The partnership offers enormous added value for the customers of our HIP CDR. We are very pleased to now be working with Averbis to make healthcare even more efficient, innovative and sustainable with our solutions.”

Stefan Schraps, Vice President Business & Community Management at vitagroup

Making data available for care and research

The HIP CDR of vitagroup solves this problem. It enables structured health data to be converted into highly structured information and stored centrally. This makes it usable for care and research – independent of individual systems and manufacturers.

“The cooperation with vitagroup was a logical step for us,” says Patrick Oestringer, Chief Commercial Officer at Averbis GmbH. “By extracting medical information from unstructured texts and storing it in HIP CDR, we are opening up entirely new possibilities for efficient data processing in healthcare.”

Patrick Oestringer, CCO of Averbis GmbH

But what can be done if the data, for example from doctors’ letters and laboratory findings, is available in digital form but it is still not possible to access individual values quickly and easily? This is where the partnership with Averbis comes in. The AI-based solution Averbis Health Discovery enables the customer to extract structured information from unstructured data using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which can then be stored in the HIP CDR. This means that this information is also quickly and easily at hand at any time and can be used to improve care and research.

Find answers in your data

We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.