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Patent Categorization & Monitoring

Benefit from machine learning to reduce your workload by up to 98%!

With over 14 million different active patent families and countless new patent applications every year, manual patent monitoring and categorization is becoming to time and cost intensive. Even when using complex keyword queries you still end up with about 85% irrelevant results, representing lost time and resources you could have used more effectively. Seeing that patent monitoring often relates to quickly identifying industry or competitor behavior it is crucial to get accurate insights as fast as possible.

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Combine expert knowledge with NLP for maximum results

The Averbis Patent Monitor bridges this gap as it uses natural language processing to analyze large number of patents and subsequently uses machine learning to categorize and classify them according to you your needs and standards.

While there is no doubt that identifying patents requires expert knowledge, the Patent Monitor allows you to translate your unique knowledge into a pre-configured machine learning algorithm that makes decisions just like you would in a fraction of the time, without loss of accuracy. Additionally, the Patent Monitor allows you to automatically capture specific parts of a patents content and directly export this into your systems.

This allows you to:

Improve patent identification accuracy, while saving up to 98% of your time

Focus on the interesting work and stop wasting time on manual routine tasks

Make data-driven decisions

Digitize your expert’s knowledge using machine learning

Patent Monitoring with AI in less than 15 min

Check out this video for a quick insight in how patent monitoring with AI can not only save you a lot of time but at the same time provide you with new valuable insights and that in less than 15 minutes.

The video is taken from our presentation at Tony Trippe’s webinar series on (Episode 6) powered by Patinformatics LLC. The full video can be accessed on

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Example of how the Averbis Patent Monitor helped Merck KGaA save up to 90% of their time with an accuracy of over 97%:


Connections, Integrations and Testimonials

The full benefits of the patent monitor can also be experienced as part of our partner Centredoc’s Rapid5 solution. Rapid 5 is Centredocs’ innovation management system that allows you to combine all your monitoring needs in one custom platform.

The Averbis Patent Monitor has been fully connected to Minesoft’s and RWS’ global patent database Patbase and Minesoft’s patent management software Pat-KM. This allows Patbase/Pat-KM users to benefit from state-of-the-art AI for patent literature classification.

“The automatic identification of patent specifications relevant to us has significantly increased productivity in our department. The cooperation with Averbis is extremely pleasant – this is really about solving my problems!”

Nicolas Lalyre, Syngenta, Head IP Operations




Using the Averbis Patent Monitor, Villa and Wirz (2022) demonstrate the potential benefits of using supervised machine learning as an addition to boolean and semantic searches, to significantly improve the automatic identification of relevant patents. Click here for the full article.

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