Patent Monitor

Machine-Learning based
Patent Monitoring

Patent Monitor is patent monitoring software that is based on machine learning. It allows you to automatically classify large quantities of patents into user-specific categories and to assess their relevance for your company. Patent Monitor is based on artificial intelligence, which means that the software learns from the behavior of IP professionals and acquires their know-how. Compared to conventional, rule-based approaches, patent monitors are up to 400% more accurate and achieve the same accuracy as patented experts. At the same time, it reduces the manual effort by up to 80%.

Averbis Patent Monitor

80% Reduction

of manual rework

High Precision

Same accuracy as by IP experts

400% Improvement

over conventional approaches

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  • Sending relevant patents to the affected department or to your customers
  • Classifying patent and non-patent literature (NPL) in your own classification system
  • Carrying out automated patent landscape analyses
  • Executing competitive analyses quickly and simply
  • Identifying new trends and technologies
  • Improving your searches of the prior art


  1. Define the categories:You define your own categorization system, based on sectors of technology or other formulations of questions that you are interested in.
  2. Generate examples:Classify several patents in your previously defined categorization system. Only 10 to 20 examples per class are sufficient to enable the first prediction.
  3. Let the system do the work for you:The system automatically categorizes the new documents. It also provides a level of confidence for its predictions.
  4. Check the results:Take a look at the system’s predictions and correct the results if needed. This is how the system learns from you and steadily improves.
  5. Let the system work for you: If you are satisfied with the result of the predictions and learning no longer improves by providing more training examples, you can put the system to work for you and pursue new assignments.

Adaption and Integration

Patent Monitor can easily be integrated into existing patent-information systems. Expand your IP software landscape with a monitoring module based on artificial intelligence and by doing so, automate your IP activities and thereby automate your IP workflow.

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