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Patent Monitor is a truly intelligent patent analysis software that supports so many of your daily IP activities. It is the worlds first application that allows you to automatically classify large quantities of patents into your own user-specific categories and to assess their relevance for you and your company. Patent Monitor is based on artificial intelligence, which means that the software learns and acquires the know-how from you as an IP professional.

Compared to conventional, rule-based approaches, Patent Monitor performs up to 400% more accurate. At the same time, the application reduces the manual effort for identifying relevant documents by up to 90%.

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Machine Learning based patent categorization made easy

Overview of Patent Monitor

1. Define categories

You define the target categories that are of interest: e.g. “relevant” vs. “not relevant”, different technology fields, your department structure, … you are completely free in your choice.

2. Provide examples

Assign a few patents to the previously defined categories. 10 to 20 examples are sufficient for a start. The system now learns to make the same category assignments as you do.

3. Let the system do the work for you

The application automatically categorizes new documents into the previously trained categories. Confidence values for the predictions are given.

4. Review results

Look at the predictions of the system and correct the results if necessary. So the system learns from you and is constantly improving.

Use Cases

FTO Analysis Patents Averbis

The prior art analysis focuses on whether your innovation is already known. The innovation does not have to be physically present or commercially available. Often it is sufficient that another person or company has already documented, presented or produced or used the same innovation.

Determine the patentability of your own innovation or attack a patent of a third party (due to lack of innovation) to open up new markets.


Support your freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis and develop products without jeopardizing the intellectual property of others.

Avoid disputes over intellectual property rights with competitors following product launch. Such disputes often result in considerable costs and also unsettle your customers and potential buyers of your product.

Prior Art Analysis Patents Averbis

Patents are no longer rights that exclusively forbid third parties to use your technology or product. Today, in many companies, they represent a considerable part of the business assets and decide on successful product portfolios and the decisive advantage over the competition.

With the Portfolio & Competitor Analysis you are able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your patent portfolio compared to your competitors.

You can keep a constant eye on technological and strategic information about current and future competitors.

Patent Landscaping and Monitoring Averbis

At Patent Landscaping you can find patents on specific topics and areas. For an efficient potential and risk assessment it is important for companies, investors and the research and product areas essential.

However, to create the patent landscape without the appropriate software for automation, a lot of manual work steps and considerable resources are necessary.

Get a clear overview of the patent structure within a specific technical area or region. Periodically and systematically observe current developments and patent applications of competitors.

119m patents
from 90 countries
400% improvement over conventional approaches
90% reduction of manual rework

What our Customers say

Nicolas Lalyre
Head IP Operations

The automatic identification of patent specifications relevant to us has significantly increased productivity in our department. The cooperation with Averbis is extremely pleasant – this is really about solving my problems!

Ready to go with just a few clicks!

Patent Monitor is ready for use with just a few clicks and can be used immediately.
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  • Use the out of the box functionality and provide your own extensions
  • Load, analyze and inspect data via graphical user interface
  • Export the results
Integration in your IT environment
  • use our integrated APIs
  • support your existing workflows
  • transfer results to local systems or BI tools
  • connect internal or external data sources
Build your own product with Patent Monitor inside
  • Add AI to your product
  • Get first class text mining and machine learning for your customers
  • Combine your and our expertise to create exponential value
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