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Averbis joins the powerful ecosystem of Entscheiderfabrik

We look forward very much to engaging with the community of the Entscheiderfabrik initiative. For 15+ years, this powerful ecosystem of decision makers, users, hospital consultants, and IT manufacturers in Germany has been offering an annual proof-of-concept lifecycle for IT projects aiming to improve processes and enable new business models for care providers. Every year in spring, five new projects are selected by the community, to be successfully realized.

“A sizeable number of IT solution providers work with documents; thanks to our solution, their tools can extract a lot more information. Ecosystems such as Entscheiderfabrik provide a suitable platform for us to identify potential partners, customers, and use cases.”

Rico Resing, Sales Manager Healthcare, Averbis GmbH

We bring in our significant contribution of text analytics and data enrichment. This AI-based offering includes enhancement of dictated documentation resulting in structured text, ready for analysis regarding diagnoses, ICD codes, and much more. These powerful solutions allow hospitals to tap the full potential of their patient data in order to optimize clinical and administrative processes and make informed strategic decisions. Together, in this collaborative Entscheiderfabrik ecosystem, we can take the quality of medical services to the next level, and help hospitals to optimize their revenues!

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We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.