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We make patients’ lives better with AI. We support healthcare professionals in data-driven clinical research, informed clinical decision-making and automation of routine cognitive processes.

Making Patients’ Lives Better With AI – Averbis’ Mission.

By turning text into usable information, automating intellectual processes, and making meaningful predictions, we work towards our mission every day.

We simplify clinical research through our application. Patient data, derived from available documents or texts (or routine medical data) can be used for (retrospective) studies to gain new insights. Patient cohorts can be assembled with a few clicks of the mouse – whether for feasibility studies and patient recruitment for clinical trials.

Text mining/natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning ensure well-founded treatment decisions and support doctors, for example in the diagnoses of rare diseases.

In administrative processes, Health Discovery supports coding specialists in medical billing.

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Use Cases

Informed Clinical Decision-Making

  • Get support for clinical decisions
  • Fields of drug interaction checks, information on suspected diagnoses or patient risks

Real World Studies

  • Reduce the time and cost of recruitment
  • Increase the value of clinical trials

Coding + Billing

  • Identify automatically diagnoses and procedures performed
  • Concentration of coding specialists on the essentials of their work

Partners and Customers


Averbis works together with CGM and Meta IT on coding support in hospitals – for revenue assurance and MD security. Averbis Health Discovery is fully integrated into the MetaTEXT coding software – the multitool for medical controlling & DRG coding.


The cooperation combines intelligent technologies and takes medical documentation for clinics to a new level. The aim is to enable medical staff to spend more time with their patients.

TriNetX provides NLP services powered by Averbis that utilize sophisticated algorithms to extract clinical facts from physician notes, clinical and pathology reports, and links this data with other structured data from EHRs.

Satisfied customers and partners work successfully with our products

Averbis & TriNetX
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen averbis
LMU München Averbis
Medizinsche Universität Graz Averbis
Medizin Initiative Averbis
Syngenta Averbis

Customer voices

Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Prokosch
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
The complex process of anonymizing medical documents is significantly shortened by using Health Discovery. This enables large quantities of free medical texts to be made available for medical research.
Johannes Drepper
TMF e.V.

Averbis Health Discovery is a valuable contribution to data protection-compliant, networked medical research.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Marquardt
Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg

Health Discovery is an effective tool to prepare textual information for research quickly and in accordance with data protection regulations.

Dr. Martin Richter
Klinische Landesregisterstelle des Krebsregisters Baden-Württemberg

Averbis Health Discovery helps us to slim down our work processes and reduce the burden on our documentalists. This saves us valuable time we can invest in other activities.

Marc Bliem
Meta IT GmbH
Managing Director

All hospitals should receive appropriate remuneration for their services. In order to adequately take into account coding-relevant information from free-text routine data such as doctors’ letters or laboratory reports, we use the AI software Health Discovery from Averbis. We are pleased that we were able to integrate one of the best text mining solutions in Germany into our MetaKIS product. Our customers are thrilled.

Find answers in your data

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