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Literature Classification for Life Sciences

“It is simply easier for analysts and researchers to examine 10 to 15 papers instead of 150. The benefits of such AI-assisted pre-selection are obvious.”

Research Project Manager

Save up to 80% of your workload and get better results!

Modern life sciences companies face an overwhelming number of digital publications that have to be collected, archived and indexed for a broad variety of purposes from mandatory regulations to gaining competitive insights. This constantly increasing number of documents can no longer be effectively processed and managed without the help of smart solutions.

Averbis provides you with a smart solution to automatically classify and index your documents saving you up to 80% of your current workload and providing you with better insights.

Easy integration

By directly connecting your literature data lake or any public database to Information Discovery, our solution imports all necessary data without the need for complicated data transfers. This unstructured literature data is then structured using natural language processing, based on predefined libraries with relevant terminologies and machine learning or rule-based annotators. If there are no existing predefined terminology libraries and/or annotators for your use case, we can offer to jointly create them as a service.

Classification results

Once the data is processed you get an interactive overview of your classification results, which can then also be automatically exported into your systems or generic BI-tools using our open API’s.

This allows you to:

Significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs of classifying and indexing your documents

Overcome previous existing indexing gaps with high quality insights

Retrieve the information you need more easily and quickly

Free up your experts’ time for meaningful work

Gain new insights from your existing and/or public data on e.g., your competitors use of ingredients in their products

Customer voices

Associate Director Regulatory Data Management
Global acting healthcare company with a strong focus in Germany

We have chosen Averbis as our text mining platform because the solution is highly flexible with an open framework, is a strategic match to our architecture, installed on premise, and proved to be ahead of the competition in our text mining challenge.
Now we are glad to have Averbis as a partner for our pharmaceutical use cases. Averbis showed an agile style of working and a high dedication to quality which brought our project to a fast success.

Nicolas Lalyre
Head IP Operations

The automatic identification of patent specifications relevant to us has significantly increased productivity in our department. The cooperation with Averbis is extremely pleasant – this is really about solving my problems!

Dr. Harald Jenny

Timewise, we can now turn 3-week processes into 3-hour processes, saving our customers valuable time.

Dr. Harald Jenny

Timewise, we can now turn 3-week processes into 3-hour processes, saving our customers valuable time.

Elvis Paćelat
Executive Vice President

“Averbis is a highly competent text analytics software vendor, providing ready-to-use product Information Discovery, which is pre-configured to address the IDMP data extraction needs of life sciences companies,”


Here you can download our slideset on literature classification for life sciences, giving you a more in-depth view of how we save up to 80% of your time and what other benefits you can expect.

Find answers in your data

We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.