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AI assisted Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Event Management

More time for patient safety!

Every year, millions of Biomedical publications are published of which pharmaceutical companies want to find the 1,5k – 30k articles relevant to their pharmacovigilance efforts. With the traditional approach using keyword indexing these millions of articles can be cut down to a set of approximately 150k potentially relevant articles, which then have to be evaluated and classified manually to get to the 1,5k – 30k really relevant ones. This does not only produce a huge manual labor burden on pharmacovigilance departments but also costs them valuable money and time.

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Automating Pharmacovigilance and AE handling

Using a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Averbis Information Discovery can help you get those 1,5k -30k relevant articles needing only 20% of your original workload. Information Discovery can be connected directly to your or any public data lake through API’s and import the documents selected for screening. Then the system automatically classifies, categorizes and indexes these documents using a machine learning algorithm trained on your decision making.

The results can then be exported to your existing systems or into your existing workflow. This way you not only get the necessary results for pharmacovigilance reporting, but also gain additional insights from the literature screened which traditionally would have been lost. Therefore, Information Discovery does not only lower your workload and associated costs but also provides you with more accurate results and new insights.

This allows you to:

Save up to 80% of your pharmacovigilance efforts and get better results, while complying with all regulations

Minimize risk of missing AEs through automatic relevancy classification

Automatically extract signals and analyze historical decisions

Free up your pharmacovigilance experts for more meaningful work


Success Story

Check out the success story below to find out how we validated this at a major pharma company in Germany. (Click image to download)

Scientific Publication

Check out this scientific publication to see how we automated the pre-selection of PV relevant documents containing adverse events using machine learning. (Click image to download)

Find answers in your data

We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.