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Terminology Services

Provision of standard and custom terminologies

Terminologies play a crucial role whenever specialized knowledge is created, communicated, maintained and accessed. Terminology management has become an integral part of business processes aiming at increasing productivity, quality of products and services and user satisfaction.

Averbis provides world class terminology work for pharmaceutical companies. We provide all relevant standard terminologies for Life Sciences. We also create company tailored und use case specific terminologies for maximum terminology experience.

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Averbis Information Discovery
Mappings between Terminologies

Terminologies and ontologies declare sets of concepts and relations to encode meaning. They establish a more effective means of capturing and using structured and computable data to improve management of outcomes and reduce costs. Mappings between terminologies serve as semantic glue between applications and help breaking down data silos in companies. They are essential for an effective company-wide information infrastructure. Averbis provides high quality terminology mappings for your most relevant terminologies.

Creation & Enrichment of Terminologies

Most terminologies are not complete and subject to constant change and enlargement. Incomplete terminologies cause negative user experience in terminology-based applications. We enrich terminologies, both automatically and manually. This leads to better data quality, more hits on your searches and more successful applications.


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Find answers in your data

We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.