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As Head of Platform, Christian Gaege is responsible for the Averbis text analytics and machine learning platform Information Discovery.

Christian, can you explain briefly what exactly Information Discovery is?
Information Discovery is the leading application platform for natural language processing (NLP) for the life science industry.
Information Discovery combines state of the art machine learning, terminologies and a powerful rule engine to uncover facts and relations in unstructured text data. It includes a large variety of components to identify document language, entities like companies and persons, part of speech, abbreviations, measurements, temporal expressions, keywords and negations. Domain specific components (to detect information like diagnoses, medications and laboratory values for health care scenarios) are available as add-ons.
Data scientists and software developers can easily extend Information Discovery to tailor the text analysis functionality to their specific needs. For example, we’ve recently achieved an accuracy of over 98 % within just a few hours of optimization for a specific customer scenario.

What is different to other tools in this area?
As we all know, more and more data is available in unstructured form (e.g. chat messages and social media posts, but also office documents, scientific papers, patents and patient records) but it’s hard to leverage this data.
Information Discovery helps you to exploit this potential for your business:
• BI on your unstructured data – extract facts from your documents and apply queries and analytics to get insights.
• Document classification – train your own machine learning model to automatically classify documents in any categories such as relevant or irrelevant. No machine learning experience is required.
 Multilingual support
• On premise installation or private cloud to protect sensitive data.
• Seamless integration into existing workflows or other applications through extensive API.
• No vendor lock-in due to open standards.

What benefits do I gain?
Gain competitive advantages from insights that were previously not accessible due to lack of structured information.
 Reduce development time by using Information Discovery as an off-the-shelf solution for natural language processing in your own products.
• Save money and reduce time spent for manual processes like document pre-classification.
 Benefit from Averbis’ many years of experience in the life science environment
 Be able to handle the increasing amount of unstructured data.

What fascinates you personally the most about this tool, Christian?
The wide range of use cases in which our customers use Information Discovery. For example, the software is currently used in the health sector to identify patients with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and distinguish them from corona suspect cases.

Last but not least a personal question to get an insight info: work hard – play hard. Tell us about your favourite play time activity after work.
As a balance to work I like to do sports and spend time with my 3 children. Besides, I love music and try to improve my guitar playing.

Thank you for these valuable insights, Christian.

We also would like to point out: Demo version is available, if you got curious enough and would like to check it out by yourself.
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