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For diagnosis confirmation and reimbursement optimization

For the clinics and hospitals under cost pressure, a complete coding of diagnoses and therapies is essential for the billing of services.  The completeness of the coding becomes a particular challenge when medical documentation from other areas such as the laboratory has to be taken into account.  The new version of Health Discovery addresses precisely this challenge.

In addition to clinical notes, surgery and pathology reports, microbiological reports  can now also be analyzed. Numerous DRG-relevant secondary diagnoses that were previously often overlooked can be recognized and coded.

View of a microbiology finding in the annotation editor of Health Discovery


Case study microbiology: 10% uncoded ICD secondary diagnoses

The new module has already been successfully tested in a large German hospital.  For this purpose, a total of more than 70,000 microbiological reports were analysed using Health Discovery. The result: more than 12,500 ICD codes were derived from positive microbiological findings. About 10% of these codes had not been coded by the hospital’s medical controllers so far.

Top 10 ICD-10-Codes (German version)


Assessment of CCL relevance

A comparison with the clinical complexity level CCL (Complication or Comorbidity level) showed that of the approximately 12,500 predicted codes, more than 7,500 represent CCL-relevant secondary diagnoses. Of the diagnoses not yet coded, a total of 825 were found to be CCL-relevant.

The new microbiology module can now be used by all Health Discovery customers and, through the partnerships with Cerner, is also available to all hospitals that use Meta-KIS as DRG-optimization software.

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