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5 Questions for Dr. Harald Jenny (Centredoc)

Today we ask Dr. Harald Jenny, CEO of Centredoc, 5 questions around his experience with the Averbis Patent Monitor and working with Averbis.

What does your company Centredoc do?

Our core business at Centredoc is business intelligence and technology monitoring. With our daily, weekly and monthly technology monitoring we make sure that our customers know what their competitors are doing, are not surprised and can position themselves optimally in the market. We do this both as a service provider and as a software vendor, with our tool Rapid4. In addition, we offer various monthly publications on selected topics.
With our various research activities, we enable our customers to optimally position their innovations in the technical environment.

How do you use the Averbis Patent Monitor?

We use the Averbis Patent Monitor in several areas at Centredoc. On the one hand, we use the Patent Monitor for our monthly technological publications such as the InfoMat (monthly brochure on Innovative Materials) and the 3D Pat (monthly brochure on Additive Manufacturing). On the other hand, we have seamlessly integrated the Averbis Patent Monitor into our Rapid4 monitoring platform via an interface, so that it is used for all our customer orders and is also available to our customers.

What advantages does the Averbis Patent Monitor bring you?

We experience many benefits from using the Averbis Patent Monitor: from time savings to processing larger amounts of data to technical possibilities that were not feasible before. Timewise, we can now turn 3-week processes into 3-hour processes, saving our customers valuable time, which in turn we can use more effectively. At the same time, we can process larger amounts of data – categorizing 1000 patents is a Sisyphean task and for the Averbis Patent Monitor it is child’s play. This allows us to perform more accurate analyses and accept more orders. Furthermore, the Patent Monitor enables us to offer the service “Technology Landscapes”, so we are at the forefront in the landscape area.

What makes the Averbis Patent Monitor unique for you?

What stands out for me about the Averbis Patent Monitor is how AI and machine learning with neural networks allow us to do multi-categorization’s in the simplest way. In addition, the teaching of the AI is very intuitive and easy to learn. This helps us a lot to make a convincing impression on our existing and prospective customers. All this combined with the extended support for literature classification and web monitoring makes the Patent Monitor a great product for me.

How do you experience working with Averbis?

In our collaboration with Averbis, we appreciate both the high level of technical expertise and the great responsiveness. In addition, they always listen well and think along with us, and this, together with a high degree of flexibility, leads to a very entrepreneurial approach. In this way we get effective solutions in the shortest possible time, from which not only we, but also our customers benefit.

You also want to know how the Averbis Patent Monitor can support you in your daily work around patent classification and patent analysis.

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