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We at Averbis know the amount of time and resources it takes companies to identify and categorize relevant new and existing patents out of large databases. That is why we created Patent Monitor, an artificial intelligence text mining tool that saves you tons of work and a lot of time. Patent Monitor does not only automate the process, but also learns each user’s individual decision making through machine learning to further increase the precision of its findings for every user.

Patent Monitor can be used for the following use cases:

  • Classifying patent and non-patent literature (NPL) in your own category system
  • Carrying out automated patent landscape analysis
  • Executing competitive analysis quickly and simply
  • Identifying new trends and technologies
  • Sending relevant patents to the responsible departments or to your customers

One of the strengths of Patent Monitor is its flexibility in use-cases over different industries, currently being used in Biotech, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals.

Find answers in your data

We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.