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Patent Monitor connects to PatBase and Pat-KM

Saving time and expenses on patent categorization through multi label categorization and machine learning. That is what Patent Monitor users benefit from on a daily basis in a variety of industries. With our newest functionality these benefits can be extended to PatBase and Pat-KM users as well.

PatBase is a market-leading global patent database, developed by Minesoft and RWS, which allows its users to search, display and analyse patents. With Minesoft’s Pat-KM, users can design a customisable patent knowledge management workflow to help centralise, store, and disseminate key patent records. It’s now possible for both PatBase and Pat-KM users to connect to the Averbis Patent Monitor and include state-of-the-art AI classification for patent categorisation, monitoring and alerting.

Using the data streaming platform, Apache Kafka, we set up a seamless workflow. Functionalities include the automated import of query results and folders from PatBase, full machine learning capabilities and export of results into your Pat-KM inspection folders. Train your custom machine learning algorithm based on your expert knowledge and automatically identify and classify patents most relevant to you, all within your own PatBase and Pat-KM environment.

After initial set-up of your machine learning models and classification tasks, you are ready to enjoy the significant time savings and efficiency improvements the Patent Monitor offers. Time savings on manual classification and pre-selection can become as high as 75-90%, freeing up your experts’ time to focus on what really matters.

Benefit from state-of-the-art AI

Are you a PatBase or PatKM user and want to find out how much time you can save on your patent classification? Get in touch today to find out!

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