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Averbis and Amplexor join forces to integrate text mining capabilities into Amplexor’s Life Sciences Suite

Averbis and Amplexor join forces to improve the quality and speed of IDMP data extraction by connecting Amplexor’s Life Sciences Suite to Averbis Information Discovery. Amplexor is a global leader in content intelligence solutions for a broad selection of industries and corporations with a major footprint in life sciences. As part of their Life Sciences Suite, Amplexor offers an IDMP compliant Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution enabling life sciences companies to manage and control all stages of the product development life cycle. Together with Amplexor we will be able to jointly extend our reach in the life sciences industry by providing AI based text analytics solutions for achieving efficient IDMP compliance.

“We are delighted to work together with Amplexor, a highly professional industry leader for life sciences solutions, to help life science companies get the most out of their unstructured data.”

Kornel Markó, Managing Director and Founder, Averbis GmbH

Using artificial intelligence, the Averbis Information Discovery solution for IDMP text mining saves users time and costs through automatic extraction of the most relevant elements for IDMP with an accuracy of up to 95%. Additionally, it handles change requests easily through automatic re-extraction. This provides you with increased data quality through automatic consistent assignment and coding of controlled vocabulary.

“Averbis is a highly competent text analytics software vendor, providing ready-to-use product Information Discovery, which is pre-configured to address the IDMP data extraction needs of life sciences companies,”

Elvis Paćelat, Executive Vice President, Life Sciences, Amplexor

Currently users of Amplexor Life Sciences Suite can use Information Discovery to extract IDMP data, but it won’t end there. We are working extensively to seamlessly integrate Information Discovery into Amplexor Life Sciences Suite to allow users easy ad-hoc IDMP data extraction and automated consistency of their IDMP data submissions.

Together with Amplexor, we look forward to further show how AI-based text mining can provide many benefits for specific IDMP use cases not only increasing the quality but also decreasing costs and time to market, while remaining fully compliant. To find out more on our partnership check out the official press release here, for more information on how you can benefit from AI-assisted text mining powered by Information Discovery click here.

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