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Webinar ChatGPT in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ChatGPT in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips and expectations are high. One thing is for sure, generative AI is here to stay.

But how exactly is it being used? Which use cases will come first? Where are the boundaries, especially in the pharmaceutical industry?

In our webinar, 3 experts from Merck, Bayer, and Averbis will talk about their experiences and assessments of ChatGPT and provide insight into their work and future plans.

  • How ChatGPT can help – Use cases in Pharma
  • Producitvity booster – What blocks real use cases?
  • ChatGPT for NLP

Don’t miss the opportunity to get insights from industry experts and front runners. You will gain valuable insights into how ChatGPT can transform the way we work and help us achieve better results.

Jordi Casanellas, Bayer Pharma
Dr. Jordi Casanellas
Head of Decision Science
Bayer Pharma

Jordi leads a team of natural language processing experts and machine learning engineers to develop AI products and integrate them with business processes across functions in Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Tobias Plötz, Data Office Merck

Dr. Tobias Plötz
Senior Data Scientist
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Tobias works at Group Digital Innovation to bring the latest advances in machine learning research to the organization and turn them into scalable solutions. He holds a PhD in computer vision from TU Darmstadt.Tobias has implemented many data driven use cases in research, sales, marketing and regulatory.

Kornél Markó, Averbis
Dr. Kornél Markó

Kornél is co-founder and managing director of Averbis GmbH. He holds a PhD in computational linguistics and has been leading the development of Averbis core components for several years. He has particular expertise in the areas of semantics, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) in conjunction with their operational use in relevant business areas in the Life Sciences.

After the 45-minute presentation, the speakers will be available to answer your questions for another 15 minutes. The online event is completely free of charge and is open to all interested participants. Joining is possible via Zoho Meeting [System Requirements].

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