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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The success story of AI began in radiology. An early example of application of AI comes from the US, where pattern recognition was used to help detect tumors for Medicare insurance. AI supports the assessment of huge numbers of diagnostic images in screening for risk groups. More broadly, imaging in oncology demonstrates the enormous benefits of AI. While radiologists under heavy workloads and long hours had relevant error rates in detecting tumors, according to studies, AI solutions brought consistently high precision in detection.

Advantages of the technology also lie in reducing the effort required for routine activities such as measuring lesions and merging diagnostic images from different modalities. In addition to radiology, laboratory medicine, for example, benefits from colony counting of microorganisms, and dermatology in the detection of malignant abnormalities.

Speech recognition: Recognition and interpretation of spoken language can also be learned using machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are used, for example, in speech assistance systems.

Semantic language recognition: Written text can be interpreted semantically using machine learning. Automatic analysis unlocks the valuable information hidden in data. Thanks to recognition of diagnoses and procedures, powerful algorithms can be used to improve coding for billing, among other things.

Machine learning can also be used to identify patterns in event sequences that are not visible to humans due to the large number of data points, variables and dependencies. Thus, analysis of workflow data enables better planning of operations and thus optimization of resource use. Imaging devices can be automatically adjusted for optimal positioning on the basis of profiles of previous patients. Furthermore, based on the actual use of more and more medical devices, it is possible to predict when they are due for maintenance or when a risk of failure is imminent.

AI has come a long way from its original application in medical imaging. The power of AI in the medical field, whether assisting clinicians in making decisions or automating routine tasks, cannot be overstated.

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