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Patent Monitoring with AI at PIUG 2022

Time for what really matters – our vision for you!

Patent Literature research is a task you most likely are very familiar with. At the same time, it also is a task that many experience as being time-consuming and exhausting. No wonder when the amount of patent literature constantly increases and 80% of your time is spent reading irrelevant patents.

This has led to our vision of making time for what really matters to you by using the Patent Monitor to save time and get better results thanks to a unique combination of robust machine learning and advanced text mining.

But what is the Patent Monitor?

Check out this clip from our recent workshop at the annual PIUG conference to find out:

Now you know what the Patent Monitor is and does let us look at how you can benefit from it in practice. Time savings and accuracy up to over 95%, are the numbers some of our current users are reporting. Depending on your chosen confidence values you are free to optimize and set up the algorithm to meet your needs. And it gets even better if you have high-quality training data, as our machine learning algorithm allows you to train the patent monitor to classify just as your experts would. From simple single-label classification to extensive multi-label and category classifications, the Patent Monitor can do it all.

But do not just take our word for it, look at our successful results such as our project with Merck and Minesoft that reduced manual effort by 90% with an accuracy of >97%. Or the recent publication in the renowned World Patent Information Journal by the Swiss Patent Office that talks about how the Patent Monitor did not only save them time manually going through up to 1000 documents but also identified additional relevant documents the experts previously missed.

Benefit from state-of-the-art AI

Now let us save you time for what really matters and get you started with AI-assisted patent classification for you and your team!

Get in touch now to book a demo and start benefiting from the Patent Monitor within your team.