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You speak, we structure!

Speech2Structure from Averbis allows you to speak your documentation and have it structured  in real time.

Gain time you can use on your patients and standardize your information exchange processes with Speech2Structure. With the help of our Conversational AI, your spoken documentation is converted into a digital text which is transformed into structured, semantically usable information in real time.

Use computerized coding for faster and more accurate billing.

Easily connect departments through the interoperability of your clinical data.   

Gain more time to use on your patients due to our dialog system documenting the conversation you have with your patients.

Enjoy the help of a digital companion in your documentation efforts.

Our AI can provide you with recommendations for coding as well as in the future – in addition to drug interaction checks – many other plausibility checks and support you with your daily work.

Speech2Structure is based on our award-winning and market-proven AI software Health Discovery

With Health Discovery, you can analyze large volumes of patient data using text mining and machine learning.

Search and analyze medical documents according to diagnoses, symptoms, prescriptions, special diagnostic features and other criteria. Health Discovery harmonizes heterogeneous patient data in structured and unstructured form, checks its content by using text mining and natural language processing, and makes it searchable via a uniform interface.

before text mining after text mining

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