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After more than 10 years in a consultancy for the life sciences, I joined Averbis in 2018 as Project Manager Healthcare. From the very beginning, I was fascinated by the fact that Averbis has retained the “start-up mentality”, but can draw on the experience of more than a decade of working with hospitals and service providers in the healthcare sector.

Together with our clients and partners, developing the potentials of text mining & AI for the health care sector is an exciting task and multifaceted, because our use cases range from medical research to the optimization of administrative processes.  Where else are informed decisions and the best possible use of resources as important as in healthcare? It makes me proud that I can make a contribution through my work at Averbis.

To apply new technologies in the medical environment with high-quality standards and data protection requirements is challenging.  The competence mix in the Averbis team helps us to address the complex needs of our clients. I like how openly and in partnership we act with our clients. And it is particularly important to me that I always have fellow teammates on my side at Averbis who are prepared to go an extra mile for excellent results!

Sonja Fix
Project Manager Healthcare

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