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The research project ”semanticVOICE – Semantic Speech Recognition for Medicine” is one of the joint projects within the framework of the funding measure ”SME-Innovative: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)” and is supported by federal funding. The aim of the project is to link speech recognition and text analysis methods to a so-called semantic speech recognition. If a computer not only recognizes the words, but also understands their meaning, there are various possible uses and extensive value-added applications in medicine.
semanticVOICE aims at the complete recording of medically dictated findings and at the interpretation of the recorded text, based on digitally stored knowledge structures. This results in derived knowledge and information that significantly improves the medical documentation of patient treatment. The doctor receives an invisible helper who analyzes all aspects of his dictated texts in the background and holds this knowledge for better documentation and care of the patient. This project also supports the doctor in the administrative processes. From the recognition and interpretation of the text, a kind of “automatic precoding” or plausibility check can be electronically derived for the later coding of the performance data.

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