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AIDAVA – AI powered Data Curation & Publishing Virtual Assistant

Health data are widespread, heterogeneous, often contained in free text and therefore not readily available for personalized medicine and clinical research.  The objective of the AIDAVA project is to use Artificial Intelligence technologies to develop a Virtual Assistant prototype tool that will enable citizens and patients – or their relatives – with limited computer and data literacy,  to curate (i.e. clean) their data themselves as much as possible as they are the ones who know best their personal context. This should result in higher quality health data and give patients access to better care and treatments, while supporting research.
The prototype will be tested in 2 use cases: developing cross EU patient registries on breast cancer and maintaining a complete and clean individual health record for cardio-vascular patients at risk of  sudden cardiac arrest. We will focus on 3 languages: German, Dutch, Estonian but will check how we can expand to all 24 EU languages.