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averbis information discovery text mining

information discovery averbisInformation Discovery is a next-generation text analytics platform that allows you to get insights in your unstructured data and explore important information in the most flexible way. Information Discovery collects and analyzes all kind of documents, such as patents, research literature, databases, websites and enterprise internal repositories.

Information Discovery is a complete new version of the Averbis text mining and search technologies.

New features of Information Discovery Version 4.4
at a glance:

  • New! Significantly improved user interface for operation and configuration
  • New! Intuitive query builder for compiling complex queries
  • New! Available with a multilingual interface
  • New! Manage multiple projects within one instance
  • New! Comprehensive user and rights management
  • New! Support of single sign on (SSO)
  • New! Extended document import and export with various new formats
  • Improved help functions
  • Latest, cutting edge technologies such as Spring 4, JPA 2, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5 and a consistent REST API