Due to rapid technological innovations, life science and pharmaceutical research creates an enormous amount of data. Information Discovery for Pharma analyses and categorizes scientific publications and supports you in always staying at the current level of research.

Organize your research more efficiently

What are potential targets for new substances? Which biomarkers can deliver information for prognosis and individual therapy, as well as for medication safety? Information Discovery offer answers to these questions and contribute to a faster and more efficient development of medications and acceleration of innovation cycles.

What are possible targets for a specific indication?

Together with pharmaceutical researchers, Averbis has developed Information Discovery for Pharma which enables information scientists to gain new insights and evidence from scientific publications for their daily work, whereby the focus is on gene-disease relations extracted from scientific publications by means of machine learning processes.

The application stores the facts in search indexes and their semantic relations in NoSQL databases. With the help of the visualization of contexts based on current search results, the user obtains clear aggregations and quick orientation.

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We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.

ANALYSIS IDMP relevant informations

ISO IDMP is a collection of ISO standards, which form the basis for a system of unique, global identification of medicinal products. Beginning in mid 2016, all pharmaceutical companies with EU marketing authorization will be required to adhere to the new ISO standards. The majority of data required for IDMP is contained in unstructured format in various sources throughout an organization. Information Discovery allows you to extract the relevant information contained in these IDMP relevant data sources. Read more

Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)
Averbis Information Discovery Pharma


For a Top 10 pharmaceutical company, Information Discovery analyzes available newsfeeds and extracts the relevant information from the texts. By means of a faceted search, it is quickly possible to find out about the latest news. How many Phase II studies did a competitor complete in the last 3 years? Which companies were acquired in the last 5 years? Which medications were licensed? The answers are just a few mouse clicks away with Information Discovery.


Information Discovery provides ultra-fast, scalable annotation services for any kind of documents – in-house or in the cloud. Label your data with public terminologies or your local corporate vocabularies. Our annotation services can easily be integrated in third party applications (Sharepoint etc.)

Averbis Annotation Services
Annotation Services Averbis

Provision of standard and custom terminologies

Terminologies play a crucial role whenever specialized knowledge is created, communicated, maintained and accessed. Terminology management has become an integral part of business processes aiming at increasing productivity, quality of products and services and user satisfaction. Averbis provides world class terminology work for pharmaceutical companies. We provide all relevant standard terminologies for Life Sciences. We also create company tailored und use case specific terminologies for maximum terminology experience.

Standard Terminologies
ChEBI NCI-Thesaurus
DrugBank Phenotype Ontology
EntrezGene RxNorm
ICD-10 Uberon
MedDRA etc.

*) Source vocabulary license restrictions to be applied
**) Additional terminologies upon request

Averbis Mapping between Terminologies

Mappings between terminologies

Terminologies and ontologies declare sets of concepts and relations to encode meaning. They establish a more effective means of capturing and using structured and computable data to improve management of outcomes and reduce costs. Mappings between terminologies serve as semantic glue between applications and help breaking down data silos in companies. They are essential for an effective company-wide information infrastructure. Averbis provides high quality terminology mappings for your most relevant terminologies.

Creation & enrichment of terminologies

All terminologie are not complete and subject to constant change and enlargement. Incomplete terminologies cause negative user experience in terminology-based applications. We enrich terminologies, both automatically and manually. This leads to better data quality, more hits of your searches and more successful applications:

Terminology 0 % Hits
Enriched 0 % Hits
Terminology Terminology Enriched
Proteinuria Microalbuminuria
Blood Pressure Arterial pressure
Anticoagulants Resveratrol
Nervous System Diseases Neuropathy
Esophageal Neoplasms Oesophageal cancer
. . . . . .


In the last few years, Averbis has completed many further projects for researching pharmaceutical companies, libraries and publishing houses, including the indexing and categorization of scientific literature, the incorporation of our components in extisting Micosoft Sharepoint installations, automatic extraction of indication phenotype relations from research data and a lot more. Give us a call for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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