Patent Analysis

Early detect
Opportunities and Risks

The demand for more innovative products and increasing competition in the market makes it more important than ever to capture the full benefits of innovation by making IP considerations a core part of a company‘s strategic planning. Patent landscaping is a key factor to effective innovation management allowing companies to turn opportunities and risks posed by IP issues into responsive business strategies. Current technical competitiveness can be appraised, technological trends forecasted, and potential competition based on new technologies be planned.

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Averbis Patent Analytics Software

We automate patent monitoring

Averbis is specialized in the area of text mining and machine-learning-based patent monitoring. We help our clients screen large numbers of patents in no time, estimate their relevancy for the company and automatically classify them into customer-specific categories. Our approach is based on artificial intelligence – with the result that it learns from and imitates the behavior of IP professionals. Compared to conventional rule-based approaches, our approach is up to 400% more accurate and achieves the same accuracy offered by manual monitoring. At the same time, it reduces manual patent monitoring intervention by up to 80%. Thanks to  Information Discovery, we enable IP professionals to reduce backlogs, improve staff efficiency and minimize inconsistencies associated with patent monitoring, ultimately improving the experience both for you and your customers.

Advantages of Automated Patent analysis for your company:

Portfolio Analysis

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your patent portfolio against those of your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Reduce risk by quickly & easily revealing competitive threats to your patent protection.

Product Strategy

Establish KPI‘s to support more thoughtful make or buy decisions
Innovation Trends: Identify market trends of current and emerging technologies and detect novel solutions to critical industry problems

Innovation Trends

Identify market trends of current and emerging technologies and detect novel solutions to critical industry problems

Freedom-to-Operate Analysis

Assist your FTO analyses and proceed with your development or commercial production without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others

Case Studies


Scope Definition

  • Companies to be analyzed
  • Technology domain to be defined
  • Categories to be defined

Patent Search

  • Filter patents via IPC, keywords etc.
  • Definition of the time frame
  • Sanity checks

Patent Classification

  • Assignments of patents to technologies
  • Manual, super-vised and/or automatic approach


  • Showing distributions over topics, time, IPC classes etc.
  • Heat maps
  • Custom heuristics defined by IP experts

Typical workflow of patent landscaping analyses supported by Patents & Competitive Intelligence

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