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AI-based patent analysis


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Patent Monitor is a machine-learning patent monitoring software. It allows you to automatically classify large amounts of patents into user-specific categories and to assess their relevance for your company. Patent Monitor is based on artificial intelligence – with the result that the software learns from the behavior of IP professionals and learns their know-how.

Patent Monitor was developed together with IP professionals to support them in the complex process of patent landscaping analysis. This process includes the definition phase, the filtering of patents using CPC codes or keywords, the (semi) automatic classification of patents as well as the creation of visualizations and statistics.

Portfolio Analysis
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your patent portfolio compared to your competitors.

product strategy
Develop key performance indicators to make more careful make-or-buy decisions.
Competitor Analysis
Identify technological and strategic information about current and future competitors.

FTO analysis
Support your freedom-to-operate analysis and develop your products without compromising the intellectual property of others.


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Patent research and monitoring
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