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Information Discovery contains a 100% UIMA compatible text mining platform. It offers numerous annotators for the semantic analysis of text. Our annotators are multilingual and allow text analysis in various languages. Depending on the task we exploit rule based or trainable (machine-learning) based approaches.

All trainable annotators come with tools for the creation of new models in new languages or genres. In addition to standard models based on news paper we offer a wide variety of biomedical annotators for text analysis of research litature, patents and medical text.

Framework Information Discovery Apache UIMA
UIMA Java Framework yes yes
UIMA C++ Framework yes yes
UIMA Default Viewers & Tooling yes yes
PEAR Packaging Facilities yes yes
UIMA-AS Scaleout Framework yes yes
UIMA-AS in the Cloud yes no
Framework Information Discovery Apache UIMA
Simple Server (UIMA REST service) Add-On Add-On
Generic Typesystem yes no
Web-based Annotation Client yes no
Scripting Language for Pipeline Configuration yes no
Framework Information Discovery Apache UIMA
Collection Readers (CR)
Simple File Reader yes Add-On
XMI Reader yes Add-On
Generic XML Reader yes no
Generic Database Reader yes no
Tika Annotator yes Add-On
Document Zoning yes no
Language Detection yes no
Document Classification yes no
Sentence Splitting, Rule Based yes Add-On
Sentence Splitting, Trainable yes no
Tokenization, Rule Based yes Add-On
Tokenization, Trainable yes no
Part-Of-Speech Recognition yes no
Shallow Parsing / Chunking yes no
Stemming yes Add-On
Morphological Analyis yes no
Decompounding yes no
Stopword Recognition yes Add-On
Invariant Recognition yes no
Acronym and Abbreviation Resolution yes no
Regular Expression Annotator yes Add-On
Lemmatizer, Lexicon Based yes no
Concept Recognition yes Add-On
Named Entity Recognition, Trainable yes no
Concept Disambiguation yes no
Keyword-Extraction, Controlled and Uncontrolled yes no
Evaluation Modules yes no
Table Format Recognition yes no
UIMA Default Annotators
(HMM Tagger, BSF
Annotator, Alchemi, OpenCalais)
Add-On Add-On
Drools Annotator yes no
Relation Extraction, Trainable yes no
CAS Consumer (CC)
XML Writer yes Add-On
Lucene CAS Indexer (Lucas) yes Add-On
Solr CAS Consumer (Solrcas) yes no
DB Writer yes no
Flow Controller
Document Language Flow Controller yes no
Document Category Flow Controller yes no
Framework Information Discovery Apache UIMA
Medline Reader yes no
Biomedical Sentence Splitter yes no
Biomedical Tokenizer yes no
Negation Annotator yes no
Number Annotator yes no
Disease Annotator yes no
Anatomy Annotator yes no
Drug Annotator yes no
Gene Tagger (Uniprot, EntrezGene) yes no
ChemSpot Annotator yes no

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