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Text Mining – flexible & fast

The text mining and text analysis platform of Information Discovery offers tools for the specific extraction of information from documents. Our solution identifies single information units, as well as relevant facts and contexts which have the highest relevance for our customers. Here, many modular software components are implemented which are integrated in a comprehensive solution.

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Textmining Averbis

Automatic Document Classification

Document classification: articles and text documents are automatically classified for indexing using a freely-definable category system. For example, agency notifications can be assigned to the corresponding departments (e.g. “Economy”, “Politics”)

Flexible Term Extraction

Concept recognition with the use of terminologies: here, the lexicon structure is flexible and enables the entry of synonyms and various attributes which play a role in the annotation. The lexicon matching can be carried out for associated or individual text blocks (“innovation ability” vs. “the ability to innovate”)

Precise Identification of Named Entities

Named Entity Recognition by mere statistical calculation of scores of different pieces of information and attributes of context words, thus precisely identifying persons, product names, organizations or geographic information.

Analysis & Mining

Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining: Qualitative value assessments are Recognized Reliably and Evaluated on sentence level.

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