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Management Averbis Dr Philipp Daumke
Dr. Philipp Daumke
Managing Partner of Averbis GmbH
Management Averbis Dr Kornel Marko
Dr. Kornél Markó
Managing Partner of Averbis GmbH

Philipp Daumke as managing partner is responsible for the strategic orientation of Averbis and its activities in the healthcare sector.


As a trained physician, he has been working on artificial intelligence and text mining in the healthcare sector for over 20 years and is passionately committed to how these technologies can improve the lives of patients.


His long commercial and scientific experience is reflected in numerous lectures, publications and awards.

Kornél Markó is responsible for finance, human resources and activities in the Life Science sector. He has a PhD in computational linguist and has been leading the working group on the development of Averbis core components for several years.


Thanks to his many years of experience in the field of semantic search technologies, his specialist knowledge is internationally recognized and recorded in numerous publications. His career brought him diverse experience in the area of development, implementation and sales of solutions.

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