• Dr. Philipp Daumke
    Dr. Philipp DaumkeManaging Partner of Averbis GmbH

    Philipp Daumke is responsible for the strategic development of the company, product planning and marketing. He received a MD from the University Hospital of Freiburg and as a doctor he is able to incorporate his biomedical expertise into the company. In addition, as a computer scientist and due to his developmental work, he possesses excellent know-how of the Averbis products. Various publications and awards reflect his many years of scientific experience in the field of the analysis of unstructured data.

    • Dr. Kornél Markó
      Dr. Kornél MarkóManaging Partner

      Kornél Markó is responsible for the strategic development of the company, finances and technical planning. He holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics and for years he has headed the workgroup for the development of the Averbis core components. Due to his many years of experience in the field of semantic search technologies, his expertise is internationally accredited and documented in numerous publications. His career has brought him a variety of experience in the area of development, implementation and sales of software solutions.

      Overview Management Averbis GmbH – Specialist for Smart Data, Big Data, text analysis and text mining, data mining and semantics.

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