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To be able to find specific relevant documents or evaluate document collections in great amounts of data, we offer a high-performance, scalable semantic search engine that can process user queries within milliseconds. The search engine distinguishes itself by a high degree of parameterizability and can make the most varying types of documents searchable.

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Textanalyse Averbis

Smart Search

Due to the integration of special components, the search engine offers comprehensive treatment of linguistic phenomenons. Even phrases, synonyms or single components of compound words are recognized and laymen and expert language are normalized (“Appendix inflammation”, “Inflammation of the appendix”, “Appendicitis”, “inflamed appendix” etc.)

Faceted search

To reasonably limit the amount of hits, the search engine shows the user related search terms which are semantically associated with the search query.

Automatic Rrecommendations

Based on text similarities, the search engine automatically calculates recommendations for articles which likewise could be relevant to the user.

Flexible Rights Management

Existing concepts for rights management (e.g. LDAP user groups) can be adopted, whereby the solution supports both the storing of authorizations in the search index and the integration of existing authorization services.

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