The increasing complexity in the automotive manufacturing process puts more and more emphasis on the professional management of immaterial goods. The most relevant goods are the knowledge and the experience of experts and key talents in a corporation, as they have an strong influence on the life cycle chain in their corporation.

Example: Manufacturing process

During the development of innovative cars and technologies, a lot of design studies, laboratory reports, product and part descriptions, CAD drawings, simulations etc. are being created. This knowledge often is scattered around in different applications and hidden in data silos throughout a company. For creative talents, technology experts and data scientists it is of utmost importance to access to the whole knowledge in the company and to find relevant information anywhere and anytime.

averbis Automobil Automotive Text-Mining

Information Discovery for Automotive

Information Discovery supports car manufacturers to provide an innovative, efficient and scalable working environment for creative talents, and to guarantee maximal knowledge transfer between experts in their company.

Information Discovery connects heterogeneous data of different systems, applications and databases. The integration of all company’s knowledge in a single application saves precious time and money, and makes multiple searches in different systems and databases obsolete. The application is supported by social media components and the use of mobile technologies that allows efficient access from anywhere and anytime.

A powerful crawler indexes millions of data sets within short time. Text mining technologies extract relevant facts from unstructured data and converts them into actionable insights. The semantic search engine allows to query different kinds of information such as SharePoint documents, laboratory results, product and part descriptions, documents about norms and processes, information about materials, suppliers, contact persons etc. A simple interface to known web search engines gives users easy and powerful access to heterogeneous data silos in their company.


We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.

Advantages at a glance

Ultra fast

Information Discovery indexes millions of documents in short time and gives users access via a fast search engine.

Anywhere, Anytime

A unified HTML5 client provides intuitive operation, and responsive design intelligently adapts visualizations, data, and functionality to create the best possible experience on any device. With Information Discovery, people can instantly solve problems anywhere, anytime they arise.


Knowledge is presented to the user in a modern, highly visual graphical user interface.


Information Discovery allows easy adding of additional data sources.

Time and Cost saving

Information requests can be answered easier and more efficient, saving the user time for other tasks.

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