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80% of company-relevant information exists in unstructured data. It is critical for the success of companies to incorporate this unstructured information in their analyses and prognoses.

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Averbis offers extensive solutions for the searchability and evaluability of heterogeneous data inventories. These include Word and PDF documents, SharePoint pages, e-Mails, Reports, Social Media Data, Blogs, Patent specifications, etc.

The Averbis products understand the meaning and the context of unstructured information and the extraction of relevant information. By analyzing large amounts of data, trends and patterns can be recognized, prognoses made and thus a decisive competitive edge be attained.

In the age of Big Data and Analytics, companies can specifically optimize their performance and make future-oriented decisions by means of quasi real-time analyses.

Innovative knowledge transfer in the automotive industry
Averbis helps automotive companies to provide an innovative, efficient and scalable operating environment and platform for engineers to ensure the transfer of knowledge between the service providers in the business.
Information extraction and categorization of publications
Averbis supported libraries in targeted extracting information from electronic publications and the categorization of the data sets in category systems.
Evaluate health data and increase patient safety
With Averbis medical documents according to diagnoses, symptoms, regulations, special findings features and other criteria can be searched.
Patent Analysis
Patent analysis automate - maximize IP value
The continuous and systematic monitoring and evaluation of patent data can identify opportunities and risks of future developments and business at an early stage and converted into needs-based business strategies.
Analyze and categorize scientific literature
The life science and pharmaceutical research generated by rapid technological innovation a huge amount of data. Averbis Pharmaceutical Research analyzed and categorized scientific publications and helps you to be always on the current state of research.
Social Media
Understand your customers - you identify new trends
How people talk about your products? How can you identify and assess future opportunities and risks in greater detail? Averbis social media sets standards in understanding of web content.

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