Freiburger software company Averbis is nominated
for the German Founder Prize 2013


Freiburger software company Averbis is nominated for the German Founder Prize 2013

Freiburg, 22 May 2013: Averbis GmbH has been nominated for the German Founder Prize 2013 in the category „Shooting Star“. This was announced today by the initiators at Stern, Sparkassen, Porsche and ZDF, thus dignifying the products of Averbis for innovative knowledge management and acknowledging a consistently convincing and successful company concept.

Every day, huge amounts of new texts are produced in the form of expertise reports, documentation, patent specifications, social media data or emails. The solutions of Averbis GmbH analyze extensive data inventories with regard to their content-related contexts, detect the knowledge hidden in these documents and allow for simple and structured access to the information attained. In a matter of seconds, the software searches through documents for terms, their meaning and synonyms, general terms and the connections to eachother – even in different languages.

„The collected knowledge in the form of texts of all types is a treasure that must be discovered“, says Averbis co-founder and Managing Director Dr. Philipp Daumke. „With our software, we retrieve every piece of information and every document that’s living a shadow existence in public and private networks back to the surface and evaluate all the relevant facts.”

These ‘Big Data’ analyses for productive and quick evaluation of available information is gaining importance rapidly. Whether it’s nationally or globally linked company groups, internationally operating pharmaceutical companies, health facilities, patent organizations, libraries or publishing houses – with the Averbis software solutions, all information is analyzed and made available to the users in a clearly presented fashion. Thus, every employee has all important information transparently and directly at his disposal.

The successfully implemented company concept, as well as the marketability of the products also convinced the Jury of the German Founder Prize. „As a further milestone in the development of our company, the nomination for the German Founder Prize is an amazing distinction”, adds co-founder and further Managing Director Dr. Kornél Markó. „This honor is also a confirmation for our business partners and customers who have accompanied us on this successful path“.

The Awards Ceremony and the public announcement of the winners will take place on 25 June 2013 in the main studio of ZDF TV in Berlin.

About the German Founder Prize

The German Founder Prize is the most significant award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany. The aim of the initiative is to promote a positive founding climate in Germany and to bolster entrepreneurial courage. The prize is awarded every year in the categories Students, Start-Ups, Shooting Star and Lifetime Achievements. The German Founder Prize was tendered by the partners Stern, Sparkassen, ZDF and Porsche. The German Founder Prize is supported by a top-notch curatorship that assumes the sponsorship for those nominated and the prize winners The cooperation partner is the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.

Averbis GmbH

Averbis GmbH is a specialist for text analysis solutions and present everywhere companies require effective searching of data, its contextual structuring and specific evaluation. The core strength is the analysis of unstructured and structured data, e.g. social media data, news, web resources, reports, patents, company-internal data, emails and research literature. The Averbis software enables the tapping into and evaluation of these knowledge sources and the automation of information processes. By integrating in existing business processes, the solutions contribute to lowering costs, boosting productivity, founded decision-making and better prognoses. Particular know-how exists in the Health Sector, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Libraries and in Publishing. Averbis was founded in 2007 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

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