The Challenge
for Libraries


Libraries are faced with an overwhelming amount of electronic publications to be collected, archived and indexed in library collections and made available to the public.

This increasing volume in documents cannot be managed any more in forms of intellectual processing.

Averbis supports libraries with automated keyword indexing and document categorization of the repositories, to

significantly reduce the time, effort and costs of indexing

overcome previous existing indexing gaps in high quality

better support information retrieval

Keyword indexing

With the use of freely selectable terminologies and ontologies, keywords and descriptors are automatically extracted from text. Averbis provides a wealth of publicly available terminologies for this task. Text mining technologies identify main headings in documents for content-related structuring and for improved searchability.

Document Classification

Articles and text documents are automatically classified for categorization using freely-definable category systems. Documents and collections may automatically be assigned to the resorts they belong to (e.g. ‘economy’, ‘politics’, ‘medicine’).


We would be glad to present our products to you and create a demonstration based on your selected data repositories.

Case Studies