Averbis provides Indexing software for the digital German National Library


Averbis provides Indexing software for the digital German National Library

Berlin / Freiburg i. Breisgau – 07. Juni 2011. Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Berlin / Freiburg i. Breisgau – 07 June 2011. The German National Library, Germany’s central archive library, has chosen Averbis GmbH as their software partner for the introduction of automated indexing processes. The project is to be presented at the ceremony of the 100th German Librarian Day in Berlin.

The experts at Averbis were mandated to establish a solution for the automatic classification and indexing of net publications. The German National Library will be applying the Averbis Extraction Platform, software for the linguistic and content-related analysis of electronic texts. Averbis will integrate the indexing systematic of the library (Dewey decimal classification, key word norm file among others and optimize the system. The software modules are adjusted in such a way that they can be incorporated in business processes of the indexing flexibly and problem-free.

‘The German National Library requires a high quality, automated tapping into of large amounts of text-based, content-wise and formally varying, multi-lingual, digital objects. For the topical classification, we use international universal classification from which approx. one hundred specialized groups are derived for automatic classification. The interdisciplinary, structured lexicon of our norm file is the basis for verbal indexing’, is how Christa Schöning-Walter, Project Head of the PETRUS Project of the German National Library describes the task.

Automation is advancing

‘The flood of digital data has also doesn’t stop at libraries. The cumbersome intellectual exploitation of publications is not longer universally possible. Automated, software-based processes are a time- and cost-saving alternative. The quality of these methods now comes very close to that of manual processing. The use of modern technologies not only enables the contextual analysis, but also – as in the case of the German National Library – the classification and indexing of free texts’, explains Dr. Kornél Markó, co-founder and Managing Director of von Averbis.

Since a law amendment was carried out in 2006, net publications are part of the collective order of the German National Library, i.e. electronic publications such as eBooks, electronic newspapers, online-university papers, digitized media or even websites. The introduction of the Averbis software is part of the PETRUS project that should lead to gradual automatic indexing.

About the German National Library

The German National Library has the task unique to Germany of collecting, archiving, extensively documenting, bibliographically indexing and making available to the public all German and German language publications dating back to 1913, works about Germany published abroad and translations of German language works, as well as works of German-speaking emigrants published between 1933 and 1945. Altogether, the entire inventory of the German National Library consists of 26 million units.

Averbis GmbH

Averbis GmbH is a specialist for text analysis solutions and present everywhere companies require effective searching of data, its contextual structuring and specific evaluation. The core strength is the analysis of unstructured and structured data, e.g. social media data, news, web resources, reports, patents, company-internal data, emails and research literature. The Averbis software enables the tapping into and evaluation of these knowledge sources and the automation of information processes. By integrating in existing business processes, the solutions contribute to lowering costs, boosting productivity, founded decision-making and better prognoses. Particular know-how exists in the Health Sector, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Libraries and in Publishing. Averbis was founded in 2007 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

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