Averbis Partner TriNetX is providing Covid-19 researchers with up-to-date patient-level clinical data

Our partner TriNetX, through its global network of 150 healthcare organizations, is providing Covid-19 researchers with up-to-date patient-level clinical data for those diagnosed with the virus to help develop supportive, curative, and preventative therapies for the disease.

Crucial types of information from Covid-19 patients are currently only available in an unstructured form such as doctors’ letters, progress reports, radiology reports, etc. In the current situation COVID-19 is very often mentioned in these documents (e.g. patient is afraid of having Covid-19 or the patient’s wife has returned from a corona risk area). In order to improve the detection of positive COVID-19 diagnoses, Averbis and the technical team of TriNetX have jointly optimized the NLP based diagnosis detection for COVID-19.

Now it is possible to incorporate facts from unstructured documents to develop a study a cohort of COVID-19 patients.

Thank you for delivering so fast!

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Hanno Ebsen
Hanno Ebsen
Hanno joined Averbis in November 2019. He holds a Master's degree in Psychology and has more than 18 years of experience in the life science industry, most recently as a member of the management board of a consulting company. With his broad experience in marketing and operations, he focuses on enhancing the customer experience to make the use of Averbis products as comfortable as possible.

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